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Michaelmas House holds nearly 20 years experience as an English Country Style Interiors Store. Set in a lovely vibrant community there is always a friendly and welcomed experience at michaelmas house. During the summer months this is especailly heightened as we become a hub for the Bosworth festival where people can buy tickets. 

Visitors to Market Bosworth and tourists from Bosworth Hall can find quirky pieces to mark their visit. Over 90% of our products at Michaelmas are made and produced in Britain that uphold an impressive quality.This quality is upheld all year round but most popular during seasonal times of year such as Christmas.

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Michaelmas House holds over 20 years of experience as an english country style interiors store, with a modern touch of contemporary.

We are set in a lovely community and there is always a friendly welcome at here at Michaelmas House. 

During the summer months, it is especially heightened as we become a hub for the Bosworth Festival where people can buy tickets & find out information about all the events held here in Market Bosworth.

Visitors and tourists to Market Bosworth can find quirky one-off pieces, with many of our products made and produced in here in Great Britain, along with other products coming from within Europe and India all of which uphold an impressive quality. 

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